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Typically, you check things off to focus on what's left on top of the list. For better planning, you want to sort your goals into manageable tasks. To seriously get stuff done, create to-do lists that you can prioritize your tasks on the go. Meanwhile, let the app filter your data into progress charts. Seeing the completion rates in a bar chart, you can immediately tell which sections are done, in progress, or not started. Then, you can make better decisions on what to do next. When time is the essence, the app can flow the high-priority tasks that needed to be done into the MustDo view. So you know what to focus on today, tomorrow, and next seven days, without being stressed out by to-do overload. When you or members from your team or family update the files shared in iCloud, everyone will be notified and get the latest content. That's the advantage you get from FlowNote built on the Focus365 platform.

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